Dani Taylor is a Scotland based wedding, landscape and branding photographer
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Photographs are like amber to me. They trap moments and feelings in time for us to remember forever.

I believe in capturing those real and raw moments.






I travel all over Scotland and beyond capturing stories! If you are planning an adventurous wedding to a far away place please take me with you!

You can find my travel dates in Scotland on the ABOUT page.


I genuinely enjoy weddings. You usually find me laughing along with all the best man and dad jokes, awwing at the brides dress and shedding some tears at the ceremony.

I understand two types of couples the most. The ones who like the great outdoors and want to go galavanting in woods, by the ocean and up mountain sides with the sheep then end up partying in a barn on their wedding day.I also understand the couples who are a little camera shy and being in front of the camera makes you turn into awkward you never thought possible. That’s okay. I understand. I like to capture real intimacy, the raw and honest moments and I keep things relaxed and fun!

My wedding photography package is from morning preparations to evening celebrations. Please click below to fill out my contact form for price details and all the extra bits and bobs!

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"We got married up near Inverness, and despite awful weather,
Dani made the trip up in time to capture an incredibly special day. She helped make a perfect day even better. We're not "picture people,"so when we decided to have someone photograph our wedding, we were nervous that it would be an awkward afternoon of uncomfortable poses. With Dani, there was nothing awkward about it. She made us laugh and put us totally at ease, and was really passionate about taking pictures of us being ourselves - she never ordered us what to do, but was great at giving advice so that we were never at a loss for what to do next. Having those 45 minutes to ourselves after the ceremony was perfect. It gave us time to be alone and relax a little before carrying on with the festivities, and Dani captured every minute so perfectly. I look at those pictures all the time: they're beautiful and are filled with all the little memories from that day. The best part is that when you don't have to pose, each photograph captures a meaningful moment, and there's a memory attached to each one.

I'd recommend Dani a million times over. Thank you so much!"


chloe + jeff

"If you are looking for a photographer who will simply take photos quietly from a distance then Dani is not for you. If you are looking for a photographer who will make you laugh all day and really engage your guests and put everyone at ease then this is your girl. Incredibly talented and so creative, a beautiful eye for photography and just all round wonderful (even when it's -2 and raining sideways!)"



"LOVE her! Lots of laughs, fun and creative ideas, made everyone very relaxed (my husband primarily!), carried things for us, helped fix up my hair, and produced some beautiful images that will be cherished forever. Thanks a bundle!"